Friday, September 12, 2008

Plagiarism: MaNiKe SB

-The popularity of Manik skates has skyrocketed over the past few years, and in our opinion they are Seattle's illest clothing company. We still love their product as much as we did when we started, and since the release of their George Carlin shirt and newest line of Artist Series decks it has been clear that Manik can't/won't stop.
-However, on a visit to Trickwood today I noticed a newly released Nike SB hoodie (on the right) that looked almost identical to an older Manik one (on the left). It is clearly pretty weak for a giant newcomer like Nike to snipe shit from a promising upstart, but it is also not surprising in the least.

-Anti-Nike sentiment is pretty common throughout the skate world these days, as an industry based around the underdog is now being taken over by the king of all corporations. Regardless, as long as Nike keeps putting out cool product (see: Nike SB x Shoe Goo) and getting people like P-Rod and ?uest to rep their SB gear, then they will remain a respected (if hated) force.

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