Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Podiatry: This Week's Kicks

-It has been awhile so here's a look at my picks from the past two weeks of sneaker news:
-First off these DC x New Era limited kicks.
-Then a new pack of Authentics from Vans, the suede pack in three colors. Authentics are one of our favorite simple silhouette sneakers and the suede adds a touch of class to a classic.
-These Barneys NYC special edition perforated patent leather Chuck Taylor All-Stars look sick and come in at a reasonable $96.
-Finally, a this Jerry Hsu Emerica x Enjoi, featuring a print made out of the iconic Enjoi panda.
-All these via Hypebeast more

PoliSci: Toms Get Political

-I first told you about Toms shoes, my favorite philanthropic shoe company, way back when we first started. I wish I would have seen these a bit sooner so I could of have rocked them with one of my Obama tees, but I just found out about them.

-The shoes, which come in a dual printed 'split decision' pair, are only available until Tuesday so get them now and they'll last you till the next election. Or you can show your party preference with one either the donkey or elephant print models.

School Supplies: Goods

-Though I am a fan of Laced Up, I have to say that my favorite Seattle boutique is the one a few blocks further down Pike Street. Goods hasn't received much love from us, but the shop is run by the guys behind Manik, one of our favorite Seattle skate companies.
-Goods has gained national attention for massive collaborations with companies like Stussy, and my man Sal Masekela has been known to rock a Goods tee on TV now and then. The latest series of Goods x Manik decks are set to drop in November.
-HighSnobiety recently reported on the Goods Fall 2008 collection, which is now available for purchase online. It is a pretty straightforward collection, featuring some nice denim and so much flannel you'd think Kurt was back in town.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dress Code: Married to the Mob x Nike

- We here all know my love and appreciation for the work of Leah McSweeney and the Married to the Mob crew. Known for their high and low profile collaborations with names both big and small, this next one is no less legit. In true MOB spirit, this Nike Dunk Supreme manages to keep it ladylike without losing any ounce of boss bitch steeze.

-An homage to the legendary Coco Chanel the shoes feature white tweed, patent black leather trim and super clean gold accents all inspired by those classic cap-toed flats and signature jackets.- Word on the blogosphere is that the kicks will be dropping at Patta on November 8th. Since they're only available to Tier-0 accounts, those of us stateside are going to have to keep waiting for more release dates and locations. I'll keep you posted. more

PhysEd: Elmer Fudds

-As the Devil Rays and Phillies battle it out in Game 5 of the World Series, one can't help but notice that the Rays have adjusted to the frigid temperatures in a rather steezy way. While New Era ball caps are usually replaced with something a bit warmer come wintertime, a new, warm version featuring a fleece earflap has been popularized by this year's Devil Rays squad.
-The caps, known to some as Elmer Fudds, feature the iconic MLB logo on both sides of the fleece, a league-mandated detail that ends up being one of the cap's coolest features. I was trying to find a Mariners version for the winter, and I stumbled across a clutch New York Times article detailing the sudden rise of the Fudd. Expect these to hit stores soon. more

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Required Reading: One Hundred and Forty Five Stories in a Small Box

- By now, we all know Dave Eggers, either for his participation in TED talks, 826 Valencia, McSweeney's or one of his acclaimed novels. But, being a huge fan of flash fiction myself, it wasn't until recently that he really cinched a spot in my list of favorite writers. I've had this box set for about a year now, and it is probably one of, if not the favorite in my collection. As far as his other books go, the little known collection of short stories, How We Are Hungry, takes top seat for me. One Hundred and Forty Five Stories in a Small Box features three small books written by Dave Eggers, Sarah Manguso and Deb Olin Unferth all contained in one beautifully decorated box. And while we're on the topic of Eggers' empire, Michael Cera fans ought to check out the new Wholphin. more

Dress Code: Topped Siders

-It has been awhile since I've espoused my love of the Sperry Top-Sider. So as a refresher, the Top-Sider is the ultimate shoe and I wear mine almost everyday. And now Sperry has solved my winter shoe conundrum. I've been looking into various chukka and desert boots lately (like these, or these, or these,) and haven't really found an affordable boot that I love. Then I saw these Sperry chukka boots, which are basically just a hightened and lined boat Top-Sider. I must acquire them (they're available here) hopefully they'll still be in stock when I get some dough. Also, their reminiscent of these ridiculously badass boat shoe boots from Rogues Gallery (a Class Act favorite clothier.)

Dress Code: Wu Tang Street Style

-Wu Tang Clan is notable not only for their groundbreaking rap stylings, but also for the plethora of streetwear collaborations they have done over the past couple years.
-In addition to shilling for Supreme, Raekwon has worked closely with Diamond Supply Co. on a few separate occasions. The below tees were released to commemorate the Rock the Bells tour and Raekwon's alter ego Lex Diamond, respectively.

-Ghostface Killah's various alter egos have also been immortalized on several tees, including the following collaborations with Zoo York and DOWNSIDEUP. While ZY decided to list all Ghost's known aliases, DSU's shirt is a simpler homage to his Toney Starks persona and the official shoe of Wu Tang, the Wallabee.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dress Code: Dirty Your Denim

-This post from Hypebeast about a new A.P.C. line, first rumored in July, in which the jeans have actually been worn in by real people before they're sold, got me thinking about a number of denim related things. As genius or ignorant you might think the idea of wearing already worn jeans is, I think it's a better approach to distressing jeans than sanding with power tools, at least the lines will be authentic. And you get half off if you trade in your old A.P.Cs which is a good gimmick.
-It seems like I've bean seeing a lot of talk lately about how to wash your denim. A Continous Lean recently offered his once yearly method for washing his A.P.C. New Standards. In a feature in the September GQ in which top denim designers were interviewed, Carl Chiara, lead designer for Levi's Capital E and Red lines advocated never washing your jeans. In the same article Rogan Gregory of Rogan said the only way he'll wash his jean is by jumping in the ocean and letting them sun dry. The article also featured Jean Touitou, badass creator of the aforementioned New Standard, which have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Then in the October GQ (you know, the Megan Fox one) there was a question to The Style Guy about whether or not dry cleaning was an option for denim, to which Glenn O'Brien replied that simply airing out your jeans is the best way to keep them fresh, but if they start to smell or you spill something on them, dry cleaning won't fade them too much .
-The essential truth here is that, whether you're wearing the rarest raw Japanese selvedge or 511s (see previous post,) washing your jeans fades the color and kills that character. And drying is just out of the question. My boy N. Fenn is doing good with his first pair of raws (by Manik, $120,) he hasn't washed them yet and it's been about two months.
-So here is my method (I learned it from Seb,) which I use for my one pair of raws and for the 511s that I wear almost every day. I take my jeans and put them on a chair outside and blast them with the hose at pretty high pressure. I focus my spray on stains. Then I let them hang dry outside. I never do this more than once a month (I know ACL says once a year, but it's the northwest, we get our jeans dirty.)
-I like the hose approach because it removes large particles but leaves a ghost of what was there before. In the 511s I'm wearing right now I can see mattes of bicycle grease, blood from a skating injury from last week, mustard from my El Capitan polish dog. But because of the hose it's nicely blended, but the character, the story told in the denim, remains.
-And just a note, I heard about Naked & Famous jeans a little while back and I think they're going to be my second pair of raws. The denim comes from the rarest Japanese producers and straight to a wearhouse in Canada and on to the customer, sans any of the embroidery or gimmickery the drives up the price of premium denim. They've got a blend of 70% raw denim and 30% silk that I'm interested in feeling.
-That was pretty long but, you know, spray your jeans with the hose.

Extracurricular Activities: Seattle Thread Show

- This Sunday about 100 of Seattle's best known designers will gather for Thread Show at the Fischer Pavilion. I was skeptical at first, because so often these local designer sales can either be filled with people who sewed together a quilt while they were bored, or with good designs at ridiculous prices. Thread Show appears to be different, as I can vouch for at least one designer there, Prairie Underground, and it is promised that some clothing will be up to 80 percent off and accompanied by art, music and cocktails. Event is from 12-5 pm, click for tickets. more

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PowerPoint: Effective Streetwear

-I've mentioned a couple times that Levi's 514s are my favorite jean, but that was before Jesse persuaded me to try the 511 skinny. The 511 is the ultimate fit, seen here in red (I was going to get these but they were out of my size.) I've got two pairs of 511 jeans now and a pair of the Dickies-esque 511 khaki.
-Another thing I like about this look is the use a printed scarf that isn't the terribly overdone terrorist scarf. Also the clean, simple Blazers. As always, click to enlarge. Word. more

Required Reading: Rock Writers

-A few days ago, Gawker gave us an early look at aging rocker Nick Cave's new novel. Cave is apparently one of several musicians who have recently decided to write books, with Liz Phair and Class Act All Star Ryan Adams among the others.
-While we are too young to truly appreciate his work with the Bad Seeds, Cave has published several books and recently made an appearance in one of the best films of last year, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. In addition to appearing in the above scene, Cave penned the movie's stellar soundtrack.
-As for Ryan Adams, his new book Infinity Blues can be pre-ordered here, and we can all breathe easy because his blog is once again up and running.

Monday, October 20, 2008

School Supplies: Etsy Finds

- This shirt by Etsy member CubistLiterature basically says "I'll be there for you always, and I'll get you drunk when you're sad." That is a sentiment I can really get behind, plus I've been into oversized tees and leggings lately, so I think this makes a nice addition to the collection.

- This Red Speckled Finch necklace is by TillyBloom, and I might love it because it reminds me of my favorite earrings that I lost on 4th of July. But you should love it because its only fifteen dollars and it would be lovely with a tidy blouse.

- Jen Skelley makes these amazing prints, both posters and purely decorative. And really, who doesn't love an original print to hang on the wall? more

Friday, October 17, 2008

Classmates: Mikey Rocks

-GQ named The Cool Kids as one of the 11 most stylish bands recently. The kids have become major streetwear style icons in the past year, though we don't advocate copying everything they do (Carl, Julian.) We have a ton of respect for their innovative style both musically and within their attire, especially for all the haters they've produced in the hip-hop world.
-Rockers NYC caught up with Mikey Rocks from TCK at Rock the Bells and Mikey drops some good insight on his personal style.

-And just since we haven't really talked a lot about The Cool Kids (mostly because erbody else has been) I want to share the lyric that made me really start feeling their tunes.
-From "A little Bit Cooler" - "eating a bowl
Of them fruity pebble, fruity pebbles, fruity pebbles
How gangsta is that. not gangsta at all?
Aw you judging me dogg, please you shop at the mall
Me I shop at boutiques, limited quantity sneaks
Where do these quantities be maybe they all on my feet
But I don't get it tho, about year ago you sed my gear is wack
Nigga now my gear is dope, I guess it goes full circle like a cheerio
Cause you rocking what I was rocking like a year ago!"
-via Hypebeast. more

Thursday, October 16, 2008

School Supplies: Sierra Designs

-Fall is here, and you are most likely cold and/or wet so here is some real talk. With all of the new hype surrounding outerwear brands like Penfield and Patagonia, I thought it necessary to recognize the underdog. While they aren't about collabos, fleece epidemics or fake flannel, Sierra Designs makes inexpensive, durable, and sustainable outerwear fit for the NW's notorious weather.
-SD's clothing proves that simplicity doesn't preclude style. Their products come in vibrant solid colors and can be made obscenely small for the purpose of packing. The down coat and Microlight rain jacket pictured below are both packable and can be purchased together for less than $200.
-I got a Sierra Designs sleeping bag as a graduation present, and it has served me well, whether in the mountains or on friends' floors. While sleeping bags aren't our main area of expertise, I thought it necessary to note that SD's Verde 20 sleeping bag was given an Outside Magazine Gear of the Year award. The bag is made with 95% recycled material and is part of the Green Effect program, which pledges that the company will run on 100% wind power.

Design Major: Leanne from the P

-My girl Leanne from Portland was announced as the winner of Project Runway season 5 last night. Next time I go down to Portland I'm going to find that square ass boyfriend they showed, beat him up, and make her my down ass babygirl.
-But in all seriousness, one of the major aims of this blog is to showcase the Northwest as a creative and artistic force and to combat East Coast centrism in style. Leanne's win only helps to further that goal. We hope her the best in her next endeavors. But really, she's bomb. more

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Music Theory: Copeland

-This may be the first album review I write in which I don't complain about being disappointed by a follow-up/major label debut from a band I love. That being said, here is a bit of a history of my experience with Copeland. I first heard the band probably junior year (2005) and I found their music (what I heard was from the album In Motion) was an unsure attempt at riding the line between adolescent emo/poprock and the semibearable leg of modern indie rock. I dismissed the band for the better part of a year.
-When Copeland released their 2006 offering Eat, Sleep, Repeat, a friend whose musical opinion I value told me I had to listen to it. To my surprise the album was a refreshing divergence from the band's previous work. The album gave the finger to the dominant narrative of present day indie rock. The album reportedly referenced one of the greatest albums of all time, Radiohead's Kid A. In the manner of Kid A, Eat,Sleep, Repeat turned a blind eye to the limitations of genre. In one album the band had matured in sound and content, creating what has become, in my view, one of the greatest albums of all time. In the time between that album and now the band kept us eager with the release last year of Dressed Up and In Line, a collection of rarities, b-sides, and remixes.

-Now, all that being said, I've got a habit of being greatly disappointed after getting my hopes up for a release. Thankfully, Copeland's new album You Are My Sunshine delivers from the very first song. In fact, I have found fault with no single track on the album. Copeland does on this album what any band getting their first backing from a major (this album is backed by Columbia) should do. They've taken the elements that worked well on their last album: Experiments with structure, subtle uses of piano, vintage synth, horns and electronic inspired percussion, and refined them in a more commercially viable and pop-sensible manner. This album could/should resonate with a more mature and musically diverse audience.
-Overall Grade: A. more

School Supplies: Working Class Heroes

- Working Class Heroes' bags have to be some of the most stylish and gender neutral bags I've seen around lately. The line is designed by Hard Graft, a company based in Austria, with top of the line leather and felt. I so covet their "unfold" laptop bag, but it's proving a bit difficult to find somewhere that isn't sold out of them. Their website features a full line of bags for all purposes, from iPod to Moleskine. more

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

J School: Kings of New Media

-Kings of Leon have been busy since releasing their last album, Only By The Night. After tons of success overseas, the band has been trying to reach a larger audience here at home. For such a quintessentially American band, Kings of Leon have had surprisingly little success here, despite their superstar status in the UK. Europeans love Western movies, so its not hard to understand their love for a band that is essentially the musical equivalent.
-KOL have also been doing their part to kill print media once and for all. This months Spin Magazine features the band on the cover, and a free digital version has been released online. This new format is green, convenient, and features all of the same content, including the most informative Kings interview to date. more

Monday, October 13, 2008

Drama Club: Smith x Rogen

-Complex has a great interview with the comedy dream team behind the upcoming Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Master of the ViewAskewniverse and Apatow golden-boy Seth Rogen dish on, mainly, their experiences with pornography, and in doing so manage to hilariously touch on an essential truth of becoming a man in the modern age. A great read for any fan of comedy. more

Art School: Lucy and Bart

-Lucy and Bart has become my most visited artist link just for the fact that their work is so visually intriguing. The projects are a collaboration between Lucy McRae and Bart Hess, which explore the human form and its many modifications through fashion and foreign materials. The website pretty much speaks for itself, so I highly recommend a visit. more

School Supplies: The Winter Smoker

-My good friend and colleague Alexander Goodrich once noted, appropriately, that smoking can look either classy or white trash; There is no middle ground. I don't know which of these categories applies to these smoker's mittens from Tobias Wong. Complete with a metal eyelet that allows one to smoke while keeping their hands warm, this glove is the ultimate accessory for the dedicated smoker. However, I think braving the elements and sporting a wind-bracing scowl while you puff might help you achieve the classy smoker look.
-From Fashion Indie via Selectism more

Sunday, October 12, 2008

PoliSci: W.

-With the November election looming, George Bush seems relieved that his reign is coming to an end. However, he won't get off easy. Oliver Stone's biopic W. hits theaters on October 17th, and it will undoubtedly be a scathing and hilarious critique of Dubya's life. Plus, YouTube is having a W. mashup contest, so you can wistfully compile footage of your favorite Bush blunders.


School Supplies: The Week in Stuff

-These are things I noted this week on the interweb:

-These are sweatpant trousers from a company called Silver Spoon Attire out of London. Great idea for spring weekends. Via Dejour.

-I like these Diadora sneaks because I was down with Diadora way back in my youth soccer days, and anyone who knows me knows I keep all my athletic apparel strictly red and white. Via Hypebeast.

- Ultimate Glory Oscar de la Hoya Dunks. Via Hypebeast.

-Oliver Peoples for Kris Van Assche sunglasses. Via Selectism. more

Music Theory: Nate Henricks

-I have to give credit to The Catbirdseat for this one. Firstly, I would like to insist that you all check out their October mix- yes I realize it's a repeat of last year's- but it is amazing. Secondly, after you do that, you should download/buy/somehow procure Nate Henricks' album We Make Lo-Art. The disc is full of simple melodies and interesting lyrics. The songs are all quite short, but are backed full of simple, happy, experimental music. This is one of the few albums I own that always cheers me up. The album is available on iTunes along with an EP titled Depressed, Depushed, Defaulted Punk! more