Friday, October 17, 2008

Classmates: Mikey Rocks

-GQ named The Cool Kids as one of the 11 most stylish bands recently. The kids have become major streetwear style icons in the past year, though we don't advocate copying everything they do (Carl, Julian.) We have a ton of respect for their innovative style both musically and within their attire, especially for all the haters they've produced in the hip-hop world.
-Rockers NYC caught up with Mikey Rocks from TCK at Rock the Bells and Mikey drops some good insight on his personal style.

-And just since we haven't really talked a lot about The Cool Kids (mostly because erbody else has been) I want to share the lyric that made me really start feeling their tunes.
-From "A little Bit Cooler" - "eating a bowl
Of them fruity pebble, fruity pebbles, fruity pebbles
How gangsta is that. not gangsta at all?
Aw you judging me dogg, please you shop at the mall
Me I shop at boutiques, limited quantity sneaks
Where do these quantities be maybe they all on my feet
But I don't get it tho, about year ago you sed my gear is wack
Nigga now my gear is dope, I guess it goes full circle like a cheerio
Cause you rocking what I was rocking like a year ago!"
-via Hypebeast.

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