Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Music Theory: Cashed Out

-I heard Cash Cash about six months ago, via Purevolume I think. Two songs, Can't Stop Looking and Concerta, blew my mind. Unable to find the tracks anywhere for legal or illegal download I had to wait for an official release. So when I heard about an official E.P. about a month ago I was excited. So the disc comes out there other day, the 6th, and I am so excited that I actually pay for. Seriously. And guess what? The two songs I loved aren't even on it. WTF. And aside from that disappointing fact, the songs that did make the E.P. aren't nearly as good as the aforementioned two, and seem to abandon the aspects that made those songs great.
-All that said though, I still have hope for this band because those two songs are fucking amazing, so I'm hoping that they'll make a full length and include those. Also, the acoustic version of what I think is their attempt at a single, Party in Your Bedroom, is included on the disc and it's good. But I mean, I paid real money, for music.
-Update: Cash Cash commented me back on MySpace confirming that Concerta will indeed be on the forthcoming full-length L.P.

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