Friday, October 10, 2008

Dress Code: Rainy Days

It's rainy season again here in the NW and while Vancouver's had some pretty nice weather lately, I'm already sick of seeing those obnoxious printed rain boots that every girl owns. So, in effort to do us all a service, and eliminate those as a wardrobe staple, here are some other options for girls in rainy climates.

If you must have boots...

1. Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek is a Danish company that makes some really great- and simple- rain boots. They come in almost every color imaginable so your feet don't get bored. And, they're a nice alternative to classic Hunter rain boots.
2. Another acceptable- and much less expensive- option for boots is Tretorn. They have a cute short version for girls who like to wear wider-legged jeans, or who just don't want boots all the way to their knees. Again, they come in about a million colors.

If you can let the need for boots slide...

3. Dolce Vita makes a lot of cute loafer style shoes out of durable leather and patent leather, that unles you're in the middle of a tsunami, should hold up well to rain.
4. Last but not least, as these are probably my favorite option, are sneakers by Gram. Gram is a Stockholm based brand that make some really amazing waxed canvas sneakers. (Lucky for you boys, they make both a men's and a women's line.) Unlucky for everyone, it's hard to find anywhere that sells them. Aside from the link, you might also try

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