Saturday, January 31, 2009

School Supplies: Thrift Military Outerwear

-There have been a lot of great posts about finding the perfect coat around the men's style blogosphere lately, so I decided to drop some knowledge on two great thrift finds that have become my most worn winter coats. It's bound to get a little rambly, so the rest of the post (+links and more photos) is after the jump.

-So a lot of bloggers have been posting a lot of great stuff lately; Like this, and this, and this (there's been a ton of talk about Barbour lately but what about Belstaff, great heritage/great coats.) And that's all fine and dandy, but one main tenant of our mission statement is to be on the lookout for affordable style solutions.
-All these photos are much larger, click on them.

-First is my favorite, a coast guard coat that I purchased at Value Village for $13. I bought it in 2005 and it's still my go-to. It doesn't have a hood, but even though we live in one of the rainiest areas of the country, I don't mind. Hoods are ugly. This coat has been through some shit and it has proven to be just as tough as a Carhartt. It has a thicker lining than a Carhartt though.

-The back has a stencil that says USCGR (Coast Guard Reserve.) I've seen two other people on campus with this coat (one of them being my homie Chad who makes good tunes,) but neither of the copies I saw had the stencil or fit as well as mine. Check the detail shots and continue down for looks at my field jacket.


-I love little details like this fastener.

-Next, my field jacket. I got this at the Salvation Army. It was listed at $7 but I took the tag off and tried to put a $2 tag on, but it was too tough and I couldn't push the staple into it. When I took it to the counter and said that it had no tag, they told me it was $10. Honesty is always the best option, I guess.

-I don't have any clue as of the origin on this coat. The only label is the cleaning instructions and it has two words on it that may be Italian. Not quite as cool as this, but, you know, price.

-Great detail: One of those neck things, what are they called/for? They look cool though. Admittedly, I wear this one less than the coat above (mainly because it only has one working button,) but I felt that it belonged in the same post.

-Now, here is my secret weapon. The reason I can live here and manage not to be a slave to the Northface monotony monopolyTM Camp Dry. Spray it on once a year. It's made for tents I think but it's cheap and works great.

-Great coats, not for a cocktail party, but for navigating the rugged but stylish Pacific Northwest. The lesson, develop a good eye for thrift-shop finds. Which reminds me, I need to drop a post about my $17 Harris Tweed. Which reminds me of another point; We've abstained a bit from posting more personal type content, but at nearly a year of operation I think we've established enough of a base to start taking more liberties. If you read this whole thing, you're a champ and we thank you. Word.

Music Major: KORG Nano Series

-I've already got the microKORG and the KAOSSILATOR x KAOSS Pad set-up, so my next logical purchase is the Nano series. These controllers are super small so you can make tunes on the plane/train and they're all pretty affordable. I want. But I also need to save for the XL. Fuck.  more

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Philanthropy: Jeff Hamada x Converse

-Here's another dope event happening in the Northwest. Livestock is hosting the release party for Jeff Hamada's Converse 1HUND(RED) sneaker. All the pertinent info is in the photo.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Intro to Cinema: Don't Call It A Comeback...

-When this year's Oscar nominees were announced last week, there weren't many surprises. Heath has it locked up, and there isn't much Doubt in my mind that Meryl Streep will bag another one. A lot has been written about the parallels between Mickey Rourke and his character in The Wrestler, but I didn't think much of it until I watched the movie and was absolutely blown away by his performance. It's obvious that Rourke has taken quite a few shots throughout his career, which made him surviving the electric chair in Sin City (above) that much more baller. A.O. Scott of The New York Times is one of my favorite film critics, and his review of The Wrestler is an excellent meditation on Rourke's career and the line between real and fake, whether on the screen or in the ring. When the bell rings on February 22nd, we'll be rooting for him.

Design Major: Viktor & Rolf FW/09

-I was a bit of an outlier in my liking Viktor & Rolf's spring collection. I've got a feeling I may face some opposition in my appreciation for this offering as well. But tell me what's not bad ass about a 18th century style riding jacket and sweat trousers? Nothing. 

Faculty: Scott Sternberg

-I've mentioned a number of times that Band of Outsiders is one of my favorite labels. With this little bit of insight into the man behind the line, I'm beginning to see why brand's clothes are so spot-on. Sternberg took part in Details' regular feature "Rules of Style," and had some humorous advice to offer, most of which I found myself agreeing with.

-From the feature, "Talking about what brand you're wearing is gay in the bad way."
-I loved this line because I once tried to write a post dissecting how Details magazine itself was indeed, gay in a the bad way. I never posted the piece because I figured it would offend a lot of people who can't discern between the connotations of gay. Sternberg is apparently over that fear.
-More great advice, "Rabid atheism does not lead to attractive or acceptable cocktail-party conversation. You know who you are and you need to chill. We get it, okay? God is for dummies. Now shut your hole."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Design Major: Paul Smith FW/09

-This may have been my favorite collection from Paris. It was just an array of subtly brilliant ideas, all perfectly assembled. The shortened tweed (second photo) was my favorite item, but I loved all the pairings of mismatched vests and jackets. Not to sure about the 90s style black jeans (last photo,) but we'll let that one slide. Be sure to click on the image to check it out full-size.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via 

Design Major: Dior Homme FW/09

-It's a bit odd to me that I really enjoyed Kris Van Assche's collection for Dior Homme, but was put off by his own line (more on that in my upcoming 'disappointments' post.) As I've mentioned a number of times, KVA is one of my favorite designers, but his style seems to be ever drifting from the masculine nonchalance that first caught my eye a couple years ago. His Dior stuff seems to be much more in tune with what is happening on the street.
-Photos by Alessandro Lucioni via

Extracurriculars: Off-Register PDX

-Opening Thursday and running through Feb.22, Off-Register PDX is the final stop for the traveling exhibition which showcases experimental screen printing.  The exhibit is a Foundation Projects creation and is showing at the Together Gallery on NE Alberta. Great stuff if you're in the area, location wise, as well as if your interests are concurrently in this area.

Design Major: Maison Martin Margiela FW/09

-Not much to say here. A typically solid collection that referenced the economic climate in a less dreary manner than most others.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Design Major: Mihara Yasuhiro FW/09

-A lot of times a designer's explanation of the theme or mood of their show is so metaphorical and abstract that it's basically irrelevant to how the clothes look to the casual consumer. But Yasuhiro's allusion to a traveler along the ancient Silk Road is well mingled with his pieces. There was certainly a sense of wear and change as the show progressed, though I didn't include any photos from the final stage, the arrival, because they didn't really appeal to me (they were fittingly more Eastern in their inspiration.)

-Themes aside, this was maybe the most complete collection I've looked at this week. A mixture of well-worn layers, both heavy and light, hinted at that favorite aesthetic I mentioned earlier, hobo-chic (Kyle Hackett informed me of the probably-more-fitting/definitely-more-lyrical phrase faux-bo.) Yasuhiro is another designer I'm not too familiar with yet but the name is now definitely one that I will follow.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Design Major: Jean Paul Gaultier FW/09

-Overall, I've been pretty put off by the Paris shows. There has been a lot of very unappealing dark themes. One take on dark that I did like was from JPG. If you're going to theme your collection in black, then  at least incorporate a supporting theme, as JPG did with a bit of a punk/rock element. I feel odd saying this, but I'm really liking the bondage trousers. These ones are a little less high-school goth kid and a little more I can kick some ass. 
-Photo by Alessandro Lucioni via  If you don't know by now, click to enlarge.

Design Major: Hermès FW/09

-I don't have much to say on Hermès, probably because it will be some time before my economic situation allows me to own anything by the storied saddle house. A collection like this is the kind in which I can see some individual pieces I could maybe justify owning, but the complete looks are much too tame to appeal to me. From having looked at collections for probably the past five years, and having been writing about them for the past year, I'm starting to realize where my tastes lie. I am finding that I am much more inclined towards practicality and classic American styling as opposed to European subtlety and luxury. 
-Photo by Alessandro Lucioni via


Design Major: Junya Watanabe FW/09

-Now, on to the Paris shows. I've been a bit unique in my aversion to the fashion world's recent love affair with American workwear, and the even more odd obsession with Japanese takes on Americana. Why would I buy designer trousers made to look like worn-in Carhartts when I could buy Carhartts and wear them in? That being said, if I had to pick a Japanese designer with whom I'd entrust the task of capturing classic American style, it would be Junya Watanabe. I'm beginning to like the idea of a shooting-patch jacket, though I often criticize impractical fashion. The one thing is show here that I am liking a great deal (especially since seeing/buying this) is the idea of the hybrid blazer/suit jacket as outerwear.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via

PhysEd: Jordan's Back

-In recent years, the iconic Jordan logo has become synonymous with top-shelf shoes and sportswear. Lately they seem to be a little more streetwear oriented, with last year's clutch Levi's collaboration and some new kicks inspired by Kobe and Q-Tip.
-According to Hypebeast, Jordan recently released two shirts (one of which is above) and a pair of Air Jordan 1's to commemorate A Tribe Called Quest's classic record Midnight Marauders. I lost the Tribe hoody I wore every day freshman year, so I might have to get a hold of one of these tees.

-Next comes the new Air Jordan 1 PHAT, a clean, straightforward shoe in two Laker-inspired colorways. I haven't seen a Jordan collabo this cool since he and Scottie collaborated on those 6 rings.

Friday, January 23, 2009

School Supplies: Headphone sale

-Just thought I'd share with everyone that all headphones are 20% off over at the TurntableLab online store. Good deals on phones from $30-800. I picked up some WeSC Oboe's for only $44. These Dim Mak edition WeSC phones that Tim told you about way back when are down $120. more

School Supplies: Kanye x LV

-Normally I group my sneaker coverage together, but as an unapologetic fan of all things Kanye, I gave this one its own post. Check out what Yeezy had to say about the shoe in this Dazed Digital interview. more

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Design Major: Salvatore Ferragamo FW/09

-I don't usually think much about Ferragamo outside of footwear, but this was one of the most consistent shows of the week. Where other labels evoked the dismal economic state in their pieces, Ferragamo let the countenance of the models and the confidence of their gaits send the message; style is exists independent of economy. A sentiment we should all embrace, what better way to show that you are not fazed than to be imppecably fitted. Be sure to click the image for a larger view.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via more

Photography 101: Ryan Allan

-Photographer Ryan Allan just launched his portfolio Web site. A great look for anyone interested or for anyone who doubts the artistic merit of skate photography.
-Via Club Mumble. more

Design Major: D&G FW/09

-The last show of the week was arguably the most daring. Referencing Oscar Wilde and the American West is an odd combo that failed to pay off overall. I liked a few things though, like these printed trousers, an idea I've been hoping to see executed effectively for a long time. The look on the right has a few too many elements, but if you removed the jacket, the detail on the shoes and the bow tie would be just enough flair.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via more

Design Major: Etro FW/09

-I often say that if I were a businessman, Etro would be my wardrobe staple, a flashy but classy allusion to my Italian heritage and my Dandyist inclinations. But this year, like every other label, Etro is referencing the bleak world economy in their creations. Out of the blacs and deep merlots, I grabbed these two looks as examples of the few things I enjoyed from the collection. I especially like the heavy knit gloves, a bit of an allusion to grandma.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via more

School Supplies: Kicks Rundown

-How about this week's kicks to break up the runway posts? Crazy primary colors from Timberland. Double Ring sneaker from Pierre Hardy. Van's tonal suede slip-ons. And my favorite, badass skater Terry Kennedy's new pro model from Supra, the Society. Check two even sicker colorways here.
-Hypebeast et al. more

Design Major: Bottega Veneta FW/09

-BV has been one of my favorite houses for a couple years now. Constructing an entire within one tonal range is a daunting task for the everyday sartorialist, but these looks show us that with variation of texture and proportion, it can be accomplished effectively.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via more

Design Major: Trussardi 1911 FW/09

-The reviews for the Trussardi show haven't been that good, and I'd have to concur with most of them, but I did like these two looks. The two panel pants create a visually interesting proportion. The neckerchief is great tie-in to both old western and modern urban styles. Also, I'm always down for rolled pants and no socks, even in the winter.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via more

Design Major: Alexander McQueen FW/09

-I've never been a huge fan of McQueen, not even Steve (I recently got around to watching the even-worse-than-the-remake orignal Thomas Crown Affair,) and this collection didn't sway my opinion to much. However, these two looks appealed to me. The layering and chunky knits hinted at a stylistic aesthetic phrase that I sometimes use to refer to my own style, hobo-chic. I am also really loving the slim-fitting wool cargo pant. This McQueen collab looks like it may be pretty cool too.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via more

Design Major: Dsqaured2 FW/09

-I didn't enjoy much of the Dsquared2 collection (baggy distressed jeans?,) but these two looks show us what the brand does well, a convergence of formal and functional.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via more

Extracurriculars: Renegades & Role Models

-As skaters, we often lament having moved so far north, into near constant deluge, to pursue our education. We always mention that we wish we had an nearby indoor skate park to hit up during the winter. In high school, one of our favorite spots was the Department of Skateboard in Portland. The department is a little pricey and a little advanced for some skaters but it's definitely a luxury when it rains for months straight.

-If your in the Portland area and interested in skate photography, check out this event, which celebrates the work of Bryce Kanights, Friday the 30th.
-Via Club Mumble. Click the image to read the fine print.

Design Major: Gucci FW/09

-The shape here aren't much different than what we saw from Gucci for spring, but the intense conflicting patterns and colors are refreshingly daring notes for fall.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Design Major: Iceberg FW/09

-Iceberg isn't a label that I'm too familiar with but I liked their collection a great deal. The looks I've selected here represent the movement of style-minded young men. The proportions and pieces, the lower pants and high-tech sneakers, are rooted in streetwear. Combine that with materials of a finer grade and the addition of classics like scarves and gentlemanly hats which represent the refined movement urban style. I also love the limited use of color within the spectrum of grays.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via

Design Major: Burberry Prorsum FW/09

-So this is the new format for runway commentary, no jump, no critique of bad looks, just briefs on my favorites. Normally, Christopher Bailey designs exactly to my tastes, but this offering was a bit somber and muted for me. The show was overwhelmingly black which I think, as an overall theme, is a bit of a stylistic cop-out. Bailey's notes said that the collection referenced the famed British photographer Bill Brandt, who famously captured the dismal state of post WWII England.
-But these two looks struck me. The short tweed jacket paired with a printed (longsleeve?) tee. On the left, chunky knits thrown nonchalantly beneath the jacket, the shoulders on which are slightly more peaked in a more Italian than British manner. Click image to enlarge.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Art Major: If I had a billion dollars...

-"I'd spend it all in a day, show these niggas how to play." -Young Jeezy

-Check out this piece of installation art from Art Marcovici. The piece is called, unpoetically, "A Billion Dollars," and is quite literally, a billion dollars. The currency is assembled of 10 million $100 bills. Kempt hints that it may be a response to the agregious artistic spending of in vogue artists like Damien Hirst
-This makes me want to pull some Danny Ocean type shit. 

Dress Code: F/W 09

-So we're a little behind on the Milan Fall/Winter 09 shows. We're all incredibly busy this quarter (you might notice that the time stamps on most of my own posts are from after midnight,) but I plan on busting out a bunch of runway commentary later tonight.

-The reviews are going to be a little more limited than our SS/09 coverage, again, because of the simple time factor. Nevertheless, I am much more a fan of cold weather collections (layering!) than springtime offerings, so I'll be sure to do my best to pick out my absolute favorite looks. I'll be pulling only one or two photos from the shows I like instead of doing jumped posts with eight or nine pictures. Just a note I thought I'd share, check back tomorrow for tons of good stuff.
-Feature image from Moschino, by Marcio Madeira, via

Art Major: Wild Things

-After months of development hell, the Eggers/Jonze adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are is back on track and set to release in October. As if it wasn't enough to have one of our favorite writers collaborate with one of our favorite directors to adapt one of our favorite books, now one of our favorite skate companies is getting involved. We now have our first look at the Wild Things themselves, courtesy of Jonze affiliate Girl Skateboards. Maybe I'll even grab a complete set of my own. more

Women's Studies: 90210 x GQ

-Remember way back when I posted about how I was going to watch the new 90210, despite knowing that it would be terrible, because AnnaLynne McCord was so bomb? Then do you remember watching the show and finding that the other girl, the one who used to be on Degrassi, was actually hotter on camera that McCord? And then do you remember when today you saw this post about how McCord posed for these pictures for next months GQ and you spilled your milkshake? Good.

-Via Egotastic , click image for greater detail. 

Podiatry: Boots Update

-Last week I posted about my boot search. Today I saw these Timberlands on The Sunday Best. They're not out yet because their part of the Spring/Summer collection but, should they fall into my price range, I think these might be the boots for me. That is all. more

Music Theory: Take it to the Floor

-Anyone who knows me knows that I'm unabashed in my love of sugary electronic pop/punk, so it's probably not a surprise that I'm giving a favorable review of the Cash Cash full-length, out today. Take it to the Floor sounds like a hybrid of The Cab, The Faint and Hellogoodbye and contains some of the most addicting melodic combinations of guitar and synth that I've heard in a long time. Obviously, a couple of the songs are a little too bubblegum for me, but the chorus on "Concerta" is genius and "Radio" offers a deceptively poignant examination of the tendency of scenesters to feel betrayed when a band blows up. 
-Overall B+.