Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Quarter: Hickey Fair Isle1 Cashmere Crewneck

-Continuing with my quick rundown of some of my favorite sweaters, here's another great cashmere piece that I got for much less than the suggested retail price. I blogged about this sweater back when it first appeared online with a lust-worthy but unattainable price tag of $450. But like all remnants of the sad tale of Hickey, this sweater ended up on Gilt last winter for $150 (and, like most things I snag off Gilt, it came back later at an even lower price, shmeh.) Typical of Hickey, the fit is great, and the made in Italy cashmere is super soft and warm. This crewneck is about twice as thick as the previously-posted Burberry knit, so it's one I save for the truly cold days. Though the fall of Hickey is a lamentable, I can't say I'm sad to have acquired four pieces from one of the best, albeit short-lived, lines in recent memory for about 1/4 the original cost.
1-Before somebody gets uppity about accuracy: No, the pattern on the sweater does not seem to be traditional Fair Isle, but that's how the sweater was marketed and therefore how I described it.  more

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dress Code: Epaulet Rivet Chino in Double-Faced Digital Camo

-It's no secret that I've got a tendency toward loud style, but apart from my red Polo jeans, my pant game is relatively tame. I became aware of these digital camo chinos from Epaulet via a post over at Dreams of Perfection and I felt the impulse to pull the trigger almost immediately (which, as L.A.S. points out, is usually a good call when shopping Epaulet.)
-If you're reading thing you're probably aware that camo and cargo had a big year, and I might have even said a negative word or two about the trend. In my defense, I think digital camo can work in a casual setting with much more ease than its woodland counterpart, and the fact that these were camo but not cargo is one of the main reasons I was drawn to them. I stand by my... stance on cargo pockets: If you carry so much shit that you need more than five pockets, it may be time to reevaluate your life (or maybe just upgrade your bag.)
-As you might imagine, it took a bit to figure out what I'd wear the pants with, a task not aided by a bit of miscommunication with my tailor that resulted in the chinos being shorter than I'd hoped. Nevertheless, I tried to channel a bit of Josh Kissi's high-crop steeze and put together some functional looks, check out a few more photos after the jump.


Friday, October 1, 2010

School Supplies: Vintage Madison Senators Bag

-Breaking out my yellow cableknit got me thinking about other things I've had for a long time but had never featured on the blog. This vintage gym bag from Portland's Madison High School is one of my favorite, albeit not entirely practical, vintage possessions.
-I bought the bag at Magpie, a vintage shop in downtown Portland I've mentioned here quite a few times, in early 2006. I don't have any idea of it's age, though once I was carrying it and had an exchange with an old guy that went like this:
     OG "Hey, you know how old that is?"
     Me "I dunno, like 70s?"
     OG "Naw man that's like 50s or 60s."
     Me "Word."
-I really dig the plastic handles and the bit of rust on the fasteners. Those details let you know the bag's age when compared to some similar modern bags (there are a bunch from Fred Perry that look just like this.) The color scheme is great, but obviously it's a bit loud for daily use. I do use the bag to carry shoes when I travel though. I like having a designated bag for shoes rather than trying to fit them in and weighing down my normal luggage. This isn't something I break out too often, but it's definitely a piece I'll hold onto for a years to come.