Friday, October 1, 2010

School Supplies: Vintage Madison Senators Bag

-Breaking out my yellow cableknit got me thinking about other things I've had for a long time but had never featured on the blog. This vintage gym bag from Portland's Madison High School is one of my favorite, albeit not entirely practical, vintage possessions.
-I bought the bag at Magpie, a vintage shop in downtown Portland I've mentioned here quite a few times, in early 2006. I don't have any idea of it's age, though once I was carrying it and had an exchange with an old guy that went like this:
     OG "Hey, you know how old that is?"
     Me "I dunno, like 70s?"
     OG "Naw man that's like 50s or 60s."
     Me "Word."
-I really dig the plastic handles and the bit of rust on the fasteners. Those details let you know the bag's age when compared to some similar modern bags (there are a bunch from Fred Perry that look just like this.) The color scheme is great, but obviously it's a bit loud for daily use. I do use the bag to carry shoes when I travel though. I like having a designated bag for shoes rather than trying to fit them in and weighing down my normal luggage. This isn't something I break out too often, but it's definitely a piece I'll hold onto for a years to come.

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I like that gray, raglan sleeve sweater.