Wednesday, March 30, 2011

School Supplies: Navy Waxed Canvas Bean Boots

-I was ready to post some spring content, but then the weather extinguished my preemptive enthusiasm and dropped some flood-warning inciting rain, forcing me back to my bean boots after a few weeks of Vans and Sperrys.
-When L.L. Bean Signature first launched their waxed-canvas hunting boots, I saw a lot of people talking about wanting them, and I saw a few people who picked up the tan pair, but I hadn't seen many people talking about the navy. To me the navy option jumped out immediately just because it's not in the same brown/tan tonal range that we're used to seeing on beans. Washington is more wet than it is cold, so the waxed canvas has worked fine in place of the heavier versions of the boot.

DSC_2336-Bean boots, and L.L. Bean in general, inspire a sense of nostalgia in a lot of people; but not me. Despite growing up in the perpetually rainy Northwest, I never saw bean boots as a kid, or if I did, I didn't notice them. I think the first time I ever heard of the name L.L. Bean was on one of those bean Subarus they used to have, and even then I probably wasn't aware of what the company actually was until sometime in high school. Despite a lack of history with the product, I've fully embraced this pair. The purchase, and the aesthetic attraction that precluded it, was definitely influenced by things I read and learned on the web. You could call that being "dressed by the Internet." I call it making an informed purchase. Traditions have to start somewhere. 
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Ec: Eat Local

-The best milk on the planet. It was in a cow 15 miles from here last week.
-Obviously I, like you, get annoyed by food snobs and eco-yuppies, but I'd be stupid not to take advantage of the vast availability of great local food that exists in this hyper-eco-conscious community. If you like good food, then you want to the freshest food available. If you're reasoning is based mostly on matters of taste, then you remain pretty much free of the well-intentioned but often blowhardy moral arguments made by most organic advocates.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

School Supplies: Nikon FE2

-My favorite purchase in a very long time, I got this Nikon FE2 (1983-1987) on eBay last month and have been making my way through my first roll. I'd shot film with an FM10 a bit but the weight and the feel of the FE2 are unmatched. The lens pictured here is one I bought a few years ago, but I'm researching for my next lens investment, and still looking for the perfect strap.

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