Sunday, July 12, 2009

Peer Review: eyefive endorsements

-I've been a fan of Last Night's Party for awhile because they've got a great niche: Cobrasnake-esque hipster-packed party photos—plus boobs, which usually make things better. Awhile after being turned onto the site I discovered one of their great features, the Urban Pinup series, which showcases the goods of real bomb betties sans the professional makeup and lighting of a Playboy shoot. The above photo is from one clever Urban Pinup set which gets creative with a Polaroid and an old guy having the best day of his life.

Monday, July 6, 2009

School Supplies: Greco Thunder

-I've always liked Jim Greco because he drinks a lot and skates ridiculous (like me). I like his new Thunders from Supra because they're clean as shit.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Design Major: Iceberg Spring 2010 RTW

-Iceberg continues to be one of my favorite labels. I liked pretty much everything I saw in this show, especially the checkered scarves and that ombre cardigan. I like that they mixed up baggier jeans with narrow and rolled trousers. High-tops with a suit is pushing it, but if you're young and steezy like me, why the fuck not.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Extracurriculars: Tiny in Portland

-The flyers tell you basically everything you need to know, but just to add: Something about buying art in a recession, even if you don't have money for other more necessary shit, seems poetic and if not poetic than at least a catalyst for talking about how cultured you are, which ya know, is always fun. more

Design Major: Alexis Mabille Spring 2010 RTW

-Alexis Mabille gets the award for favorite designer I hadn't heard of until I looked at the collection today. The complete looks were all kind of amiss, but almost every look contained at least one gem item. I included the picture of the designer himself because his outfit is almost better than anything he put on a model.

Design Major: Hermès Spring 2010 RTW

-The collection was a little boring overall, but present in these few looks was exactly what I've come to expect from the fabled saddle house: Simple, elegant, unattainable luxury.

Design Major: Nice Collective Video

-This video from Cool Hunting offers a little insight into the guys behind Nice Collective, which I think was awarded GQ's best new designer prize in 06' or 07'. The video is shmeh, but NC puts out such dope boots that I'm interested in any tidbit of their process I can get my hands on. more

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Design Major: Paul Smith Spring 2010 RTW

-This show had a lot of looks, a lot that I didn't like or that weren't notable to me, but I've long been a fan of Paul Smith. Although I'm a big fan of what Christopher Bailey has done at Prorsum, I feel like Paul Smith is the go-to for authentic London steeze.

School Supplies: Parra x Vans

-A sneaker collab worth mentioning: Vans and Parra. Great colors, I'm tryna get those Chuks.

Design Major: Prada Spring 2010 RTW

-More 'shmeh' from the big houses. I'd rock those metallic trousers though.