Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Quarter: Sperry 7-Eye Boot

-In June I posted about a number of great looking deck boot options. Oddly enough, none of those options were by Sperry. That's because, at that point, Sperry was notably absent from the deck boot game. I don't know how long this 7-Eye boot has been out, but I spotted it while browsing the selection at Need the other day. They're the same price ($140) as the aforementioned Sebago collaboration, not limited edition, and certainly not made to the same quality specifications as Quoddys; but my general rule is, if you can go with Sperry, go with Sperry. They look a little awkward laced so tight, but I like that they're the only deck boots out right now with hooks1 instead of eyelets at the top. If I end up getting these, I'll surely throw some sort of waterproofing treatment on them to help endure the Northwest winter.
1-I don't know the correct name for these things.  more

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Quarter: Authentic Aran Sweater

-I recently had the opportunity to visit Ireland with my girlfriend and her family, who moved to the states in 1994. Traveling with natives of the isle was a great way to experience my first trip abroad, mainly because I got to see the worthwhile sights without having to resort to overpriced tourist traps. Apart from the history and the incredible food and drink, the best part of the trip was meeting the extended family, which brings me to the focus of this post: The hand-knitted Aran sweater that Grace's grandmother made for me.
-Originating in the Aran Islands off Ireland's west coast, the super chunky knits have been a part of Irish fishing culture for hundreds of years. Grace's grandmother knits hats and sweaters, which she sells for around $200 a piece, in her spare time. The past couple winters I've been looking for a similarly massive knit, and I'm lucky and grateful to have happened upon one for free. This sweater will definitely be in heavy rotation this winter, especially considering that we try to bundle up rather than pay for gas to heat our apartment. More photos after the jump.