Monday, January 31, 2011

School Supplies: My Denim

-Here's a look at the jeans that I own. Not much to say, I just thought it would be interesting to compare them via their patch. Given my current hectic schedule, many of my posts for the foreseeable future will be mainly photographic. more

Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Quarter: Authentic Upgrades

-This quarter I've had to cycle more than ever, and it being winter in the rainiest part of the country, the commute usually involves a good deal of precipitation. I decided to take a cue from Ryan of YHBTI and wax my Authentics. I was about to apply some Martexin wax that I purchased from the Archival Clothing store, when I realized it would be pretty pointless to wax my sneakers given that they had holes in the toes. I've got a big pair of Carhartt pants I bought at a thrift shop specifically for use as a patching fabric, so I just cut out a couple squares, superglued them beneath the holes, and then applied the wax. I've been wearing these exclusively while commuting for about a  month now and they've held up pretty well. I expect the wax will have mostly worn off by the time summer rolls around.
-In related news, I picked up my second pair of Authentics, though I probably won't break them out until the weather warms up so they don't get needlessly muddied. Follow me after the jump for a few more photos of both pairs and some info about my choice of laces.


-I I bought these red laces at J.Crew. I'm not ashamed to admit I was straight copying what they've been doing in their catalog with colored laces in desert boots. I don't have desert boots but I have Wallabees and I planned on putting these laces in them. I was disappointed when I brought them home to find that the laces were way too long for the Wallows. I wasn't really feeling the white laces that came with the new pair, something about true white against off-white was amiss, so I decided to put my forgotten red laces to use.

-This post was a little dry. Sorry. I'm busier than ever, so upcoming posts will probably be more photographic than textual. Check back soon.