Monday, February 28, 2011

Yearbook: Winter Whites and Nostalgia

For post on Feb-28
-In the first episode of No Logos I talked about being a clothes hoarder and the fact that I still have a few things from high school (2002-2006.) The conversation got me wondering if I had a whole cohesive outfit of remnants from high school. Aside from the Sperry's here, which are new but basically otherwise basically the same as the pair I bought in 2005, this whole fit is from high school. I don't think I ever wore this combo together, but I did pair this tie and sweater pretty often. Abandoning guidelines, I'll probably wear this with loafers and different socks in the future.

-Pants: Levi's 514
-OCBD: Polo, thrifted
-Tie: Marquis, thrifted
-Sweater: American Eagle
-Socks: Gift

-In breaking out the winter whites I remembered a good tip I learned from a fellow Grime Time All-Star, my friend Goody, who told me that white jeans should never be pristine. If you're walking around fretting getting something on your pants, you're doing it wrong. Don't be afraid to let them get, and stay, a little dirty. They are jeans, after all, regardless of color. more

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Phys. Ed.: Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

-If you follow me on Twitter you're probably aware to the point of annoyance that basketball is a big part of my life. As a kid, throughout my teens and during my first few years in college I made a point to play about every other day. As my schedule has been unceasingly hectic for the past two years, I haven't been able to play ball as much as I'd like, and so have consistently refused my desire to update the ragged pair of RBK kicks I'd been hooping in since early 2007. Partly to motivate myself to get back into dunking on fools1, I started shopping and finally decided on picking up the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse. It's the first time I've had Nike basketball shoes, but I was sold on the overall lack of weight and excess mass of this model. The main reason I wanted to post though was just to mess around with my new Speedlight SB-700, and because I'm pretty stoked on this top picture. More photos after the jump.
1- By "dunking" I mean "laying it up soft."

-I'm morally obligated to only buy athletic gear that accords with the Trailblazer color-scheme.
-The light wasn't as great in the color photos, but I'm still getting a hang of the Speedlight (I think these look pretty good for shooting in my kitchen.)