Monday, February 28, 2011

Yearbook: Winter Whites and Nostalgia

For post on Feb-28
-In the first episode of No Logos I talked about being a clothes hoarder and the fact that I still have a few things from high school (2002-2006.) The conversation got me wondering if I had a whole cohesive outfit of remnants from high school. Aside from the Sperry's here, which are new but basically otherwise basically the same as the pair I bought in 2005, this whole fit is from high school. I don't think I ever wore this combo together, but I did pair this tie and sweater pretty often. Abandoning guidelines, I'll probably wear this with loafers and different socks in the future.

-Pants: Levi's 514
-OCBD: Polo, thrifted
-Tie: Marquis, thrifted
-Sweater: American Eagle
-Socks: Gift

-In breaking out the winter whites I remembered a good tip I learned from a fellow Grime Time All-Star, my friend Goody, who told me that white jeans should never be pristine. If you're walking around fretting getting something on your pants, you're doing it wrong. Don't be afraid to let them get, and stay, a little dirty. They are jeans, after all, regardless of color.


Dex said...

Can't deal with the whole winter whites deal, I have seen lots of blog pics of people rocking white in a winter context and it always looks terrible to me. However, that argyle sweater is nice, not too many people can pull that off it seems as there are lots of pics of models floating around the web wearing argyle that look terrible.
If you changed those white jeans for some taupe chinos it would look sick, however the light pants just throw it off, I don't even wear stone colored chinos in the winter.

J.Carlos said...

hi Angelo,

good look,