Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Design Major: Toys

- While I have really never been on for the designer toy craze, in fact I can't say I own even one Dunny, Munny or other equally coveted toy, however I may have just found one worth wanting. It could be the simple design, or the handmade wood craftsmanship, but I'm pretty sure I want this one for it's adorable backpack (gaurenteed to be full of secrets no less.) Presenting The Littles by Creamous. Unfortunately purple is sold out, but you can pre-order the other colors now.

-This doesn't exactly follow the same scene as designer toys, however these are something I've admired before and they fit just fine with this post. Unfortunately, as I found these while I was Stumbling, I can't tell you much about them (the website is in Russian.) All I know is these were created for Russian Vogue's birthday and they play on the idea of designer toys using classic Russian nesting dolls. What's not to love? More dolls at the site linked above.

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