Thursday, January 22, 2009

Design Major: Alexander McQueen FW/09

-I've never been a huge fan of McQueen, not even Steve (I recently got around to watching the even-worse-than-the-remake orignal Thomas Crown Affair,) and this collection didn't sway my opinion to much. However, these two looks appealed to me. The layering and chunky knits hinted at a stylistic aesthetic phrase that I sometimes use to refer to my own style, hobo-chic. I am also really loving the slim-fitting wool cargo pant. This McQueen collab looks like it may be pretty cool too.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via


Kyle said...

I couldn't comment on all your Milan write ups, so I decided to choose one I wanted to comment on most.

A) Regardless of his movies, look at the man and his personal style...The Unforgettable Steve McQueen or Steve McQueen 40 Summers Ago are both good books to check out.

B) I prefer describing hobo-chic as Faux-Bo. Looks like a hobo, but isn't. I cannot claim credit for the phrase though.

C) Where did you find the time to do these write ups? Bravo!

Kyle said...

Completely genuine Angelo. I apologize if it came off as snide.

- Kyle