Monday, January 5, 2009

Media Studies: GQ x CW x E4 x Whatever

-Here is a photo of Penn Badgley in head-to-toe Band of Outsiders from the January GQ. It is relevant because: The Band of Outsiders spring looks are out (even though they were out when we showed you the runway set, they're like, out, now.) 

-And also, TV's best show (since this season of Entourage was terrible), Gossip Girl, is back all-new tonight. Word. 
-Actually, I misspoke, because the real best show on television is E4 (Britain)'s Skins. Which is supposedly underway presently but I can't find the torrents online. There is an all new cast which is sad but I'm assuming the same writers are there so the show should still  be superb. And Effy is still there. Yes. Series 3 trailer below.

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