Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photography 2009: This is My Life

-Here's an interesting contest from the good folks at RVCA, Color Magazine, and Timebomb Trading. From Club Mumble "Take 12 photos of your day with your cell phone and create a 12 frame (one per hour) contact sheet. The most interesting day wins a clothing package from RVCA valued at $500." 
-It doesn't cost you anything, so why not be creative and have a chance at free clothes. I would do it but, you know, every picture I take on my shitty-ass phone just looks like grey fuzz. The details are here
-Club Mumble, by the way, is a newly launched blog that features 100 different authors. The group includes legendary names in the skateboard/art community and is a definite must-check for anyone interested in the kind of things we're interested in. 

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