Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Design Major: Burberry Prorsum FW/09

-So this is the new format for runway commentary, no jump, no critique of bad looks, just briefs on my favorites. Normally, Christopher Bailey designs exactly to my tastes, but this offering was a bit somber and muted for me. The show was overwhelmingly black which I think, as an overall theme, is a bit of a stylistic cop-out. Bailey's notes said that the collection referenced the famed British photographer Bill Brandt, who famously captured the dismal state of post WWII England.
-But these two looks struck me. The short tweed jacket paired with a printed (longsleeve?) tee. On the left, chunky knits thrown nonchalantly beneath the jacket, the shoulders on which are slightly more peaked in a more Italian than British manner. Click image to enlarge.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via

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