Monday, January 12, 2009

School Supplies: Bixby Purchases/Disappointment

-So, last week I posted my Gilt invitation link in hopes of earning a bit more credit in preparation for todays Benjamin Bixby sale. I got $25 credit and so things were going swimmingly until this morning when I awoke to a frightening thought. I was waking up at about 10 and I remembered that the sale was today and that Gilt sales start at noon. Then I had a realization, I'd never checked a sale right at noon before, and what if they start at noon Eastern time? I logged on, and indeed they do start at noon Eastern. And indeed the best item of the sale, a cashmere bow tie in two colors for only $38 (would have been $13 with my credit, before shipping) was sold out. Fuck. But I did buy this classic oxford for a a steal so my day isn't entirely ruined, next time I'll have to wake up at nine.

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