Monday, January 19, 2009

3-day Weekend: Mactendo

-I grabbed this image from Club Mumble sometime last week and it has been sitting on my desktop so I decided to share it. It's a Mac Remote modded into an NES controller. I've mentioned a number of times that to me, nostalgia is the greatest element for appealing design. The iconography of the original NES controller is something I will always revere. For some reason, I spent $10 to buy Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 on Wii marketplace. It' not the same, and the main reason is not because it's a downloaded version on a Wii, it's the controller. The classic controller in the least ergonomic videogame controller ever, but I loved it. When you would play intensely, your hands would hurt and you'd have red marks from the hard square corners. The Wii controller is too fat and the buttons are too small, which makes it hard to hold B to run and jump. Fuck. I need to buy an NES on eBay. If you read that whole thing, you probably want a minute of your life back.
-For a gratuitous example of how not to employ nostalgia as a key design aesthetic, click this

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