Monday, January 26, 2009

Design Major: Mihara Yasuhiro FW/09

-A lot of times a designer's explanation of the theme or mood of their show is so metaphorical and abstract that it's basically irrelevant to how the clothes look to the casual consumer. But Yasuhiro's allusion to a traveler along the ancient Silk Road is well mingled with his pieces. There was certainly a sense of wear and change as the show progressed, though I didn't include any photos from the final stage, the arrival, because they didn't really appeal to me (they were fittingly more Eastern in their inspiration.)

-Themes aside, this was maybe the most complete collection I've looked at this week. A mixture of well-worn layers, both heavy and light, hinted at that favorite aesthetic I mentioned earlier, hobo-chic (Kyle Hackett informed me of the probably-more-fitting/definitely-more-lyrical phrase faux-bo.) Yasuhiro is another designer I'm not too familiar with yet but the name is now definitely one that I will follow.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via

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