Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dress Code: Wu Tang Street Style

-Wu Tang Clan is notable not only for their groundbreaking rap stylings, but also for the plethora of streetwear collaborations they have done over the past couple years.
-In addition to shilling for Supreme, Raekwon has worked closely with Diamond Supply Co. on a few separate occasions. The below tees were released to commemorate the Rock the Bells tour and Raekwon's alter ego Lex Diamond, respectively.

-Ghostface Killah's various alter egos have also been immortalized on several tees, including the following collaborations with Zoo York and DOWNSIDEUP. While ZY decided to list all Ghost's known aliases, DSU's shirt is a simpler homage to his Toney Starks persona and the official shoe of Wu Tang, the Wallabee.

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