Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dress Code: The PNW Resurgence

-Back in 2003, a Gawker blurb predicted a massive hipster migration from Brooklyn to Seattle: "It won't be long until kids in post-Williamsburg Brooklyn will be glomming up all the Patagonia pullovers they can get their pale white mitts on." According to Selectism, that prophecy will be eerily fulfilled by a new Patagonia for Urban Outfitters collection, featuring both full-zip and pullover fleeces in a variety of colors.

-The streetwear market has been flooded with classic Northwest gear lately, to the point where the Louis Vuitton Don is dressing more like Paul Rudd circa 1994. Companies like 10 Deep and Stussy are pumping out overpriced flannel, and for all we know it won't be long before Andre 3000 changes Benjamin Bixby to Eddie Vedder. Those of us who grew up in the Upper Left know that one must look no further than Value Village or dad's closet to find any of this stuff. Still, we don't mind the attention.

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