Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dress Code: Fight the Northface Monotony

-Pretty soon it's going to be raining every single day. I was already thinking about how I may have to finally concede this year and buy a Northface, since my only waterproof jacket is my badass coast guard jacket, but it doesn't have a hood. That being said, the announcement of the Penfield colorblock line the other day (from Hypebeast) couldn't have come at a better time. With comparable prices to Northface the color block line offers those of us who want to stay warm and dry a more creative option, as Tim noted earlier this month. Check after the jump for a bunch more photos from the line, including vests. Also check back soon for an examination of some of my Northwest winter essentials.


SEJ said...

hey muthafucka

im looking for an anaorak rain jacket, big hood and grey etc. drawstrings and all. find it.

justinlemond said...

where can i get this from?