Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Design Major: NYC Spring 09 Lacoste

-Like most people I associate Lacoste with polo shirts and sneakers, but this collection is fantastic mix of the storied label's athletic roots and youthful elegance. Actually, when I think of Lacoste I think of the time Marty bought an $80 Lacoste polo on the way up to Bellingham just because he knew i'd give him shit for it. His plan was to return in on his trip back home, but someone spilled beer all over it during the evening's festivities, so his plan was thwarted.
-But the collection is legit, so check photos and analysis of our favorite looks after the jump.

-I really like this look, and more so, the look from the featured picture. Light scarves with a polo is a great way to add a bit of class to a stock piece of clothing like the logo polo. And even though we've seen rolled up trousers from just about every label, I still think it looks good in most cases. I'm not down with the hats here, but whatevs.

-I really like the idea of a bright monochromatic outfit, it would take a lot of stylistic confidence to pull this off, however. (Side note: Bright colors and stylistic confidence remind me of when I wore a bright yellow sweater with red jeans and my co-editor said I looked like Ronald McDonald - -me:"This outfit is like $600 total" he: "Yea, or $600 jr. bacon cheeseburgers)

-The latter third of the show was golf inspired, but no less interesting. The white jacket over the green is just sick, I don't feel like employing well crafted word choice right now.

-I could see a Michael Jackson-esque rocking of a golf glove taking off. (Lily, your Burberry golf gloves, hahah)

-Again, another take on monochrome.

-I really like that sweater, I would probably not wear with my white jeans to avoid looking like a woman, but the color fade is great. All in all, the Lacoste show was good, I'm tired. More tomorrow.

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