Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Faculty: Trebek and Jennings

-The worst thing about coming to college two years ago was the fact that, despite being in the same state in which I grew up, 250 miles to the north Jeopardy! is on at 7:30, not 7, causing me to have to rearrange my entire fucking life. So anyway, I've watched the show much less in college than I did prior. But I've getting back into it lately and I had an epiphany. It starts with this: Alex Trebek is really old. Old as tits, even. So I was thinking about how Bob Barker was replaced with Drew Carey and how that was basically the worst thing that ever happened to TV. Then I wondered who would replace Alex Trebek. This is when I realized that there is only one possible answer, it must be Ken Jennings. Ken Jennings, Jeopardy's all time winner/mormon badass must be the next host, or the show should just be discontinued. And since many bloggers make a habit of throwing out unsubstantiated rumors, I figured I'd make one up and hope the hype will force the intended outcome: I heard from a friend who works at ICM that Ken Jennings is working on a deal to become the next host of Jeopardy! There.


SEJ said...

this is good. i laughed out loud

Anonymous said...

How many questions, on average, do you get right in a typical episode (excluding, teen/college/celebrity championships)?