Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Design Major: NYC Spring 09 Patrik Ervell

-Not know much about Patrik Ervell prior, this show caught me a little off-guard. The feeling I got from this collection was modernized John Hughes. Simplicity punctuated by streetwear influenced synthetics and the aforementioned 80s youth culture, this collection definitely intrigued me in what's to come in the future from Ervell.
-As always, check photos and analysis of our favorite looks from the show after the jump.

-Maybe it's just me, but when I saw this I thought Duckie.

-Soft colors were a staple in almost every show, letting patterns provide the spark.

-This is another look that reminds me a bit of 80s jock/prep (minus the desert boot, a recent must-have.)

-I really like the idea of the sequined shirt thrown into a khaki look nonchalantly.

-This poncho, and the jacket in the featured photo are another example of great integration of synthetic/tech into a minimalist ensemble.

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buttons, not sequins