Thursday, September 11, 2008

Botany 101: Stoner Style

-While his Pineapple Express performance was overshadowed by that of newcomer Danny McBride, James Franco has been in the news lately for his role in a variety of bizarre scandals perpetuated by Gawker. First, he was sort of accused of raping a dude. Then, reports surfaced claiming that Franco stole the idea for his Pineapple Express shark tee from a shirt that had been previously sold at Urban Outfitters. Who knew stoners could be so hip?

-Above: LRG "Grab Your Bagpipe" tee (karmaloop), John Mayer x Incase hemp bag (Hypebeast), Hemp IPath Grasshoppers (, and yet another Obama tee, this one featuring the next prez's best quote yet (SoCalTees).

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