Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Design Major: NYC Spring 09 Michael Bastian

-Michael Bastian has been one of my favorite designers for the past couple of years. Basically since I had the revelations that a: shorts should fit, and b: nautical is almost always a can't miss theme. Since I've been following Bastian's work I've never been let down by his uncanny understanding of how to be (nearly) effortlessly cool.
-Photos and analysis of our favorite looks (there's a lot) from the shows after the jump.

-On some of these I don't really have a comment. Their strength is in the fact that you can imagine real men wearing them, as opposed to the progressive looks of say, Z Zegna.

-The battle to get men to wear shorts that fit is an uphill one, but I'm doing my best.


-I'm really into double breasted casual this year. I'm going to try to find a good DB at one of my favorite vintage shops when I have some dough.

-Effortlessly cool.

-I think lavender is a great spring color if you can pull it off. A lavender blazer is a bit much for most people, but Chuck Bass and I could rock it tough.

-Here is a great look. Integration of formal and weekend, the three piece pant and vest with a light jacket and a colorful belt. Take notes.

-Again, young business, with the hoodie and the suit jacket.

-Although, I do hate when collars stick out from sweaters, I always opt for button down collars if I'm not going to wear a tie.

-Everyone needs a good (read: not huge) puffy vest and desert boots.
-Photos provided to courtesy of Michael Bastian.

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