Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Design Major: NYC Spring 09 Z Zegna

-Looking through the New York shows, I'm seeing a lot of youth and workwear influences, and even a bit of streetwear influence. That being said, it was refreshing to see a collection that makes no bones about the presumed elegance and status of it's audience. The collection, though, is not only about the fined man, it's for the forward thinking man. With intriguing uses of tech fabrics and innovative takes on jackets and blousons, the Z line was one of my favorites so far.
-As always, photos and analysis of our favorite looks from the collection after the jump.

-Almost every label has show us shorts and jackets, the genius here is the color palette. Subtle differences between the jacket, shirt, and bowtie, as well as the general sheen overall make this pop as much as bright colors would.

-This is what I was talking about when I mentioned tech fabrics and innovative jackets. Also I like that a high-end line is embracing sandals in their show when most opt against.

-The legging-like pants were a bit of a miss for me, but at least it's different. The color on the pants is great though, great with the perfectly fitted jacket which, again, plays great color wise with the layers below it.

-Tech integration into elegance is a very appealing concept to me, so I'm always interested to see it done well, as here.

-I like how this look is kind of feminine in its design but the attitude gives it a masculine strength.
-Overall I was feeling this collection, I generally don't associate Z Zegna with anything except for Adrian Brody, I was surprised with the avant garde nature or many of the looks.

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