Thursday, September 11, 2008

Design Major: NYC Spring 09 Spurr

-Simon Spurr comes from the Ralph Lauren camp, so it's not surprising that I'm really intrigued by his latest offering. But Spurr's collection diverts a great deal from the traditional elegance of his former job at Purple Label, opting for a very youth driven form of luxury. I used the phrase (nearly) effortlessly cool to describe Michael Bastian's creations, and I'd use the same phrase to describe Spurr's, though it's a bit more of a streetsmart cool in this case.
-As always, photos and analysis of our favorite looks after the jump.

-I really like the idea of a navymacintosh.

-Great plaid. Flower in the buttonhole is a classic I'd support bringing back (Daisy Miller, word.)

-I need to pull out my white jeans more often. Yes even for winter.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via

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