Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peer Review: Billy Sunday on Barker and AM

-We didn't drop anything about the Travis Barker/DJ AM plane crash because I didn't have anything to add beyond saying our hearts are with them and the families of the 4 people who died. But then today I was checking out the XXL magazine blogs, which are the funniest/most ignorant blogs on the entire internet, and read this post by Billy Sunday. Sunday gets around the obvious undertones of seriousness surrounding the subject and gets to the point in one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. His thesis is basically that surviving a plane crash makes your harder than getting shot 9 times. Here's an excerpt:

"Maybe if you went swimming in Australia’s Barrier Reef and you raped a white shark you could almost be as hardbody as these dudes but I’m not convinced, especially if that white shark was a female because we all know that sometimes females like it rough with borderline consent."

-The post also reminded me to mention the reason Barker and AM were on a plane together, which because they've been doing sold out shows that take remixing beyond simple mash-ups, so check that out too.

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