Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Music Theory: Re-Enter Emery

-The first two emery albums have always had a major role in my playlists. The iconic "walls" was the reason I ever even considered respecting music that could be called screamo. But last year's release I'm Only a Man was a miss for me, it lacked direction and chose to be experimental where a emphasis on the band's strengths would have helped. I just found out the band has a new e.p. out soon and a new song(from the forthcoming e.p.) on their MySpace. The song, "The Smile The Face" is a refreshing return to the classic emery that I love, with a powerful intro and outtro, coupled against the teltale classic vocalism. Hoping that this single is a not a fluke, I'm pumped for the new e.p. While Broken Hearts Prevail, which comes out October 28th, so check out the song and be sure to check back for a complete album review in October.

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