Friday, September 26, 2008

School Supplies: Be Like Spike

-Spike Lee is easily the most recognizable filmmaker in the country, mostly because of his ability to stay in the spotlight (or just courtside) at all times. Whether he's acting with MJ or feuding with everyone from Reggie Miller to Clint Eastwood, Spike has never had any trouble marketing himself. That said, the new Jordan Spizikes are the coolest Spike/Mike collabo since the Mars Blackmon ads, New Era recently dropped a Lee-designed Yankees hat, and Casio is set to release a Spike Lee G-Shock watch in the coming months. Unfortunately, these are all about as rare as a positive review of Spike's latest movie.

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Nice Kicks said...

Nice feature there of all the Spike Lee products. By any chance would you be willing to add us to your list of favorite sites? That is, if we meet your criteria of course :-)