Monday, October 20, 2008

School Supplies: Etsy Finds

- This shirt by Etsy member CubistLiterature basically says "I'll be there for you always, and I'll get you drunk when you're sad." That is a sentiment I can really get behind, plus I've been into oversized tees and leggings lately, so I think this makes a nice addition to the collection.

- This Red Speckled Finch necklace is by TillyBloom, and I might love it because it reminds me of my favorite earrings that I lost on 4th of July. But you should love it because its only fifteen dollars and it would be lovely with a tidy blouse.

- Jen Skelley makes these amazing prints, both posters and purely decorative. And really, who doesn't love an original print to hang on the wall?

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