Friday, August 22, 2008

Faculty: Ryan Adams

*Start at 0:50, note steezy Spirit-handling at 2:20
-Ryan Adams has been a favorite here at Class Act since we first heard Whiskeytown, the alt-country group he started at the age of 20 . After going solo, Adams moved to New York and became a downtown legend and a troubador of mythic proportions. Some say his drug habit and erratic behavior overshadowed his incredible musical ability, but in our opinion he has yet to make a bad record.
-The above video is really pretty miraculous, as the camera angle and sound quality are both excellent considering the circumstances. While the song is one of his best, the most strikingly baller aspect of the video has to be his handling of the ever-present American Spirit at the end of each verse.
-On Love is Hell, Pt. 1, Adams killed "Wonderwall" to the point that Noel Gallagher actually gave him the song. Apparently, Oasis has abandoned their version of the '90s smash in favor of Adams' arrangement, which they now play exclusively. Coincidentally, Adams will open for Oasis in Seattle on August 26th. If you ask me, the imminent collaboration alone is worth the price of a ticket, which can be purchased here.


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