Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Music Theory: Re-Up

-I'll say that this video relates a tiny bit to the "Everybody Nose" remix video, but really I just posted it because I love The Clipse. Hands down, greatest hip-hop group ever. Lord Willin', my favorite hip-hop album of all time. The brilliance of Clipse is the ability to make entire albums about one subject (selling cocaine) continually interesting. So if you don't have it, get it, and check the Re-Up Gang mixtapes, and watch this video. Oh, and after the jump, some of my favorite Clipse coke-related lines (ones I can remember off the top of my head.)

Clipse_and_AbLIVE_wth_Society_Original_Products from Noa Christofer on Vimeo.
Starting with the obvious, the lines in the hits that got everyone on "Ghetto to ghetto, backyard to yard, I sell it whip on whip, in soft or hard, I'm your - neighborhood pusher, call me sub-woofer, cuz I pump base like that jack" and then what else can I think of, "Exposed from way back, lying to the baby saying it's Ajax" and ummmm the fucking seminal philosophical referential most amazing line ever "On days I wasn'nt able, there was always caine." That is some shitt." and "They call me pusha for one reason, cuz i keep that sniff all seasons, whether the price is up or down, i keep a mound to pitch from, you dont have to shop around." and "I'm livid, they act as I don;t live it, saran wrap vaseline, so they can't sniff it."Basically the entire song "Comedy Central," even Fabolous' verse is sick. "Yall talk with hatred but I live off that, but I lived off cocaine way before I lived off rap." And they fuckin YSL and Pucci references. That's nuts. Pucci, in a rap song, yeah. "I keep the streets so numb they call me novacaine, I turn over caine, over and over again." "Block so white June look like decemeber, snow everywhere, blow everywhere, so much dough I fly my hoes everywhere." "Pusha-T, push a ton, push a ton of that shit that make your nose run. Yes I'm holdin, whether it's heat or cocaine, in the door panel of my 4-wheel motion." K I'm getting bored, (oh yeah "I treat your nose to hook ya, and only pull back to cook ya") but the fucking line that got me into Clipse in the first place, from Cot Damn, "They just can't understand or phathom my demeanor, unapproachable appearance to how I pack the ninas, out of two Clipse they say malice the meanest, got love for guns and caine, let nothin come between us. You mistook me for a rapper huh? well that makes me an actor cuz i would rather clap a gun, and buck on them niggaz who hate, who want to be in my shoes, live my life, but can't carry my weight, I understand that the envy is part of the game but make no mistake, you and i, we are not the same. Naw bitch I'm liable to splatter your shit, light up your world till you start to stagger and shit, watch how them hollows straight rattle your shit, and I'll leave it to yall to freestyle and battle n shit. That's not me, I'm more at home with the chrome or at play with the yay, moving 12 for a zone."

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