Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Design Major: Levi's x 686

-I've been out of the snowboarding scene for a couple years and generally have a low opinion of most snow-related brands, but I've always been down with 686. And as I've professed many times before, I'm a die-hard Levi's aficionado. I generally don't like to post on the buffet of streetwear collab news that comes out daily, but this is a collab I actually think is innovative. 686 has teamed with Levi's to do a line of snow gear, I'm assuming the pieces are using 686 waterproof technology over Levi's denim and classic silhouettes to bring a much needed breath of fresh style to the mountain. The line is also reported to include an adapted 514 (best jean ever) snowboard pant, which is enough to make me want to hit up the mountain, or maybe just dust off my copy of Heavy Shreddin'. A few more worthwhile pics after the jump.
-Via Hypebeast

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