Friday, August 1, 2008

Faculty: Asher Roth

-What a lot of you don't know about us is that we only blog because we can't rap. While my co-editor refuses to give up his hop dreams, I instead choose to live vicariously through Asher Roth.
-Roth's college-friendly flow sent him straight from Pennsylvania to Steve Rifkind's SRC Records, home of Akon and Wu Tang. Rifkind called Roth "the best lyricist I've heard in 10 years", and his verses over Jay-Z's "Roc Boys" and the oft-used "A Milli" definitely help his case.
-While Roth's flow might be slightly reminiscent of Eminem, his persona certainly isn't. With his disheveled hair and Belushi sweatshirt, Roth actually bears an uncanny resemblance to another characteristically un-street musical icon (who's new record we'll review in the near future). Asher has gotten a lot of praise for spitting over commercial beats. However, much like Andrew McMahon, he clearly does his best work over acoustic piano...
The Lounge - Asher Roth

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