Monday, July 14, 2008

Faculty Retirements: YSL x GC x TR x TS x Manik x WTF Class Act

-We'd already gotten a bit of shit for not posting about the death of revolutionary fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent, and then we failed to comment on the passing of legendary comic George Carlin. Not to mention the untimely deaths of Tim Russert and Tony Snow, which, as journalism students, some of you may have expected us to note.
-Maybe we're just not good at dealing with deaths. Or maybe, as I'll make it seem with this post, we were just waiting for Northwest connections to aid us in offering pertinent posts.
-Seattle based premium skate brand Manik has helped us out this time by releasing this commemorative George Carlin "7 Last Words" tee. On the back of this shirt are Carlin's famous 7 words that prompted the Supreme Court decision that ruined public media for the rest of eternity. Available now at 5 & a Dime.
-We promise more timely death coverage in the future.
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