Monday, July 7, 2008

Design Major: Paris Spring 09 Jean Paul Gaultier

-When I think of Jean Paul Gaultier, I think of Christian Bale (as Patrick Bateman) stuffing a body into the trunk of a taxi. When a passerby recognizes Bateman and begins talking to him, the audience wonders how Bateman will explain his actions. Our fears are relived when the acquaintance asks where Bateman purchased the immense piece of luggage in which he has hid the body. "Jean Paul Gaultier," Bateman replies. I also am reminded of the line that mentions JPG in Mickey Avalon's "So Rich, So Pretty." Neither of these associations do credit to the iconic designer, but you can't fight intertextuality. Anyway, despite the terrible Brett Micheals reminiscent hats in this show, JPG gives us a western inspired rock collection.
-You know the drill, photos and analysis of our favorite looks after the jump.

-Like I said in the intro, the hats were terrible, but lets not let that distract us. Like many of the other shows, this look has what seems to be more than one belt, but it doesn't stand out. The belt, and the necklace over the tie, are two little accents that make an otherwise boring look unique.

-Cut the head off this look and its brilliant. The way the vest is scrunched and the sleeves on the large patterned shirt are rolled up, with the chain, it's a very solid look without trying to do too much. I would do the top half with jeans, these pants aren't really something I'd rock. Kurt Caywood would murder this outfit.

-In looking at these photos again, I'm starting to realize that I don't like any of the whole looks, but I love little pieces from each. Mainly the accessories like the western inspired neckerchiefs and jewelry.

-I'm always looking for way to rock a tie in an innovative way (anything besides straight up shirt and tie). I put a shirt/tie combo under a henley or a T-shirt, and here is another adaptation of the same concept.

-Lose the jacket and the huge cuffs and you've got genius somewhere in there. Like I said above, little pieces, like a well-fitted vest and neckerchief standout, but the overall production was a bit amiss.

all photos by
Alessandro Lucioni via

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