Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Design Major: Paris Spring 09 Moschino

-Moschino hasn't really been on my radar but this was easily one of my favorite shows. What the set really gave me was a sense that masculinity need not be lost in Spring, even among the bright colors and light fabrics. If you've got confidence in your fit and assembly, heed need not be given to naysayers.
-By now you should know, photos and analysis of our favorite looks after the jump.

-Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm really digging the intensely patterned trousers that were everywhere this fashion week. I'm pretty sure they'll be rare enough with American men that I'll standout when I rock some. Also, this show, like almost every single men's show, had hats. Hats are my thing, it's whatevs.

-I love the green here (and in the main post pic). I've never had a lot of green in my wardrobe (aside from my vintage military jackets), I'll have to look into Spring greens next year. The shoes are shmeh here, but cardis and shorts of a correct length are always a good combo for Spring.

-I really like the similarities and differences between the photo about and below this text. Both are a take on a sort of 50s 60s Americana meets Brit formal. Both these looks seem very Fred Perry to me. It's amazing how a detail like the white lining on the jacket in the photo above can change the entire feel. The photo below is a more punk rock take on the same thing. I'd probably rock either the vest or that pants, but not together. The flower pin is a great accessory.

-I've been kind of avoiding suits in all these reviews, but this is one I really like. The pink check is just a subtle enough flair. Again, I really like the lapel pin.

-I like this one because I am often drawn to looks where attitude and fit overpowers the femininity of the clothes, kind of like saying "
Yeah, these are flowers, fuck yourself."

This show really established Moschino as one of my favorite labels, I'll definitely be taking note of what they do in the future.

All photos by Marcio Madeira via

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