Sunday, July 20, 2008


The last few months have been pretty hectic as far as the NBA is concerned, and we haven't done the best job of keeping our readers up to date. While we were busy praising Akomplice for their NBA-conscious streetwear, another company took it to a new level. UNDRCRWN is obviously more on top of it then we are, so we welcome their help in recapping the latest hoop developments:

-While our PDX affiliates couldn't seem to care less, us 206ers are still reeling from the loss of the Sonics. They can take Robert Swift, but they can never take away those glorious years before Shawn Kemp gave up basketball in favor of weed and fatherhood.

-While the Supes were on their way out, the new Celtics dynasty got to hang a banner in the Garden. Since I'm from Boston originally, I was stoked enough to forget about the Sonics for a few days. Apparently UNDRCRWN decided to get nostalgic with this one, but I can't complain.

-This one speaks for itself. Genius idea, but as we've said before, there is only one. Unfortunately, Nas tees tend to be either impossible to find or pretty much unwearable. We'll be reviewing his new album, Untitled (sort of), later on this week.

-Finally, UNDRCRWN teamed with adidas to design a series of tees for the 2008 NBA Draft, including this one of our boy Jerryd Bayless. Bay is killin it in summer ball like he's got two states on his back. Dare I say, I could get used to this.

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