Monday, December 1, 2008

Dress Code: Buying the Benjamins

-I've been hesitant about throwing my support behind overrated streetwear establishments (Bape, Stussy, etc.) but lately I've been unable to hide my penchant for The Hundreds. I picked up the softee hat at Locust a couple weeks ago, and convinced N.Fenn to drop $100+ on a fresh hundreds hoodie. I've talked about nostalgia being a very appealing design element to me, and although it's an original design, I think the simplicity of The Hundreds 'Adam Bomb' logo really attracts me. I also appreciate the label for actually doing new things, such as construction a New Era fitted out of that surprisingly warm foam material, instead of just slapping their logo on t-shirts. The hats shown above are a good example of the unique colorways and framing the brand utilizes. Their upcoming Disney collaboration reflects the same nostalgic and innovative aesthetics that have drawn me into liking the brand.

-Photos via Ynot? and Hypebeast.

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