Sunday, November 30, 2008

Business Major: Blacktooth x Urban Outfitters

-Our good friend Carey Haider, the artist/designer behind the Portland based Blacktooth, announced this week that this original Blacktooth shirt will be sold exclusively through Urban Outfitters. The shirt is a screen made from a photo taken by Haider of Portugal, The Man and features the caption Make Art Not War Portland, OR 35mm. The shirt is available at all UO stores and online.
-I asked to Haider to elaborate on what a partnership like this means to his business, and DIY clothiers everywhere:

"Urban Outfitters has been picking up a lot of underground brands as of lately. Who would of ever have thought you could go from a shop in the back of your car trunk to a national chain store. I think a lot of it has to do with where the world is right now with war and everything else. The underground scenes have seen a large revival in arts and crafts, and like everything that starts out cool; it always spreads to the suburbs and before you know it they are selling Beatles shirts at Target. Small brands are starting to sell due to people want to support the underdog and want something original. This is great for all of us little guys. Instead of slaving away at a dead end job we can now afford barbecue sauce and cheese for our burgers and better yet we get to make art all day for a living. It doesn't get any better then that. A big thumbs up to Urban for supporting the small guys when they could easily pass us up."

-A lot of hardcore hipsters like to dis on Urban, and I myself have commented on the preponderance of cheaply made goods they carry. But over the last decade the store has continually increased the quality and diversity of brands they offer. Now, with semi-exclusive/semi-high-end brands like Modern Amusement, Diesel and Fred Perry, as well as with artists collaborations like that with Blacktooth, Urban has become an important stepping stone for those looking to get away from mall shopping and move toward boutique shopping. Props all around.

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