Thursday, November 6, 2008

PoliSci: Obama's Entourage

-After his thrilling and refreshing victory on Tuesday, Barack Obama's first move was the recruitment of his new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel (pictured). Emanuel is a former Clinton advisor and longtime friend of Obama, and has been nicknamed Rahmbo for his tough political style. He may not be the most abrasive member of his family, however, as his brother Ari is the basis for Entourage superagent Ari Gold. In another strange twist, Ari Emanuel recently signed Adrien Grenier, who plays Vinny Chase.
-Some also may have noted the similarities between VP Joe Biden and rapper Joe Budden. Budden recently earned some points from us for calling out Wayne and Pain for that "funny voice shit", while Biden earned some for calling out Sarah Palin. According to Complex, the Joes are more alike than you may have expected.
-Below, our favorite awkward fist bumps courtesy of the Obama-Biden website.

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