Monday, November 3, 2008

School Supplies: North Face Purple Label

-If you read Class Act regularly then you know we don't often have favorable things to say about North Face. Not because we take issue with their quality cool-weather goods, but because North Face gear has become an inescapable ubiquity to the observer of northwest style.
-Lately though, we've been hearing a lot about North Face Purple Label, the brand's exclusive line, sold only in Japan. The above photo is a purchase Michael Williams made on his recent trip to Tokyo. The herringbone klettersacks below were just released (again, only in Japan.) So it's not likely that you'll see the purple label on your next stock college beer-pong opponent, but it's definitely a line a young sartorialist should keep in mind should he or she take a trip to the far left anytime soon.

-Via Selectism and ACL.

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