Friday, November 21, 2008

Music Theory: Belle & Sebastian Live

- So today I went out and bought the newly released Belle & Sebastian BBC Sessions live album, and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I should explain that I feel obligated to buy the live albums of bands which I like (ex. I just bought the Why? live album, but since I love this band dearly, I am not blogging about what a let down it was,) however, I usually find them to be less exciting versions of their studio albums. But for the sake of being a "true fan," I buy the live albums nonetheless. The album features a compilation of the bands appearances on BBC from 1996-2001 and has the perfect mix of familiar cover songs, popular B & S songs, and a bit of crowd noise. The whole thing is beautifully mastered and may be one of the best live albums I own. Now, as Why? is a band very close to my heart, and I can't simply finish this post without redeeming them, I will say I have both of their studio CDs on repeat constantly, and I recently saw their live show in Vancouver, and I swear it was a religious experience.

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