Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Design Major: Billionaire Boys Club

-In the few years since Pharrell and Nigo (left) started Billionaire Boys Club, the brand has become massively popular. While Nigo's previous project (a little sneaker company known as A Bathing Ape) set the bar pretty high, Pharrell is clearly intent on dominating the streetwear scene he helped create.
-BBC has never really been either of our style, and we are still a little bitter about former Mac elitist Pharrell slingin' PCs, but the Winter 2008 collection has some gems: simple down coats, slick denim, and some baller Star Trek gloves (below). As Jay-Z once said, "I don't wear it 'cause of Pharrell, I wear it 'cause I'm for realllll...."

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